Pet Boarding In Independence That You Can have Confidence In.

When you board your pet with us at Old Town Veterinary Care in Independence, rest assured that we will provide the best care your pet can receive when away from home.  With our climate controlled kennels, 24 hour access to food and water, and comfortable bedding, your pet will feel like they are at home instead of a boarding facility. Canine companions go on leashed excursions 3 times a day to stretch their legs and stimulate their mind, with the length of the walks dependent on the weather.  Feline companions also have 24 hour access to a fresh litter box and toys to keep them active.

Keep In Touch With Your Pet While They BoardBoarding Services In Independence

Our staff works hard to give them as much love and care as we can and should any medical problems arise while they are here, they will receive immediate attention by Dr. Snyder who will call you to let you know of how your pet is doing.  If you find yourself missing your pet while you are apart, feel free to give our clinic a call and we will be happy to update you on how they’re doing.  In order to keep everyone healthy, we do require that your pets be current on their vaccinations at least two weeks before their stay.  They will also receive a pill called Capstar when they arrive and the day they leave to keep them flea free.  For any further information on our boarding facility, feel free to give us a call or drop by and we will be happy to show you where your pet will be staying.

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